Normally I wouldn’t post a sketch to my portfolio site, but I’m proud of this one.

In 2012, I came up with the idea for a simple application to teach Fourier Transforms. The idea was that students could build their own waveforms by messing with the amplitude and phase of the first few terms in the Fourier sequence. For the purposes of the demo, I chose the first six.

In practice, six terms isn’t really enough to get clear shapes, but you can see the beginnings of a few interesting solutions. The triangle wave in particular came out well.

The Fourier Box is still a project I’d like to work on sometime, perhaps as part of a larger Math Education series.

In 2013, I produced a series of device videos for Interscope Medical, to showcase their new EndoRotor technology.

Intended for doctors, the videos highlighted the device’s workings and explained how it compared to existing techniques in several use cases.

The full playlist is available here. is a website built to showcase the upcoming Fantastic Fitness exercise app. The site is built on WordPress, and makes use of interactive jQuery widgets, popups, and video headers.

Kaiyou Idols (from the Japanese word for “Ocean”) was a cosplay group based in Massachusetts. They performed as characters from the Love Live franchise, and wanted a site that would let them show off their costumes and dance moves, while helping them engage with their audience and the larger Love Live community.

The site was built in WordPress, and made heavy use of PHP variables to accommodate a split theme. The Love Live franchise follows two different fictional performer groups, and my clients–who cosplay both groups–wanted a site which reflected both sides of their art.

This was accomplished with a switcher button, which would transform the entire site’s theme and content depending on which group the viewer wished to see.

Unfortunately, the group is no longer active, and their site is no longer live.

In 2010, I made a series of educational animations detailing the process of roll-to-roll nanomanufacturing, an (at the time) promising new technique for creating wearable electronics and cheap solar panels.

The videos focused on the manufacture of Floating Gate Memory, and some went into in-depth explanations of the solid-state memory used in our smartphones, mobile devices, and computers. One video was used by my clients in a trade show, to demonstrate their techniques to visitors at their booth.

Click here for a full-length video.

Fantastic Fitness is an exercise and fitness app which is currently in a closed alpha.

The game leverages classic gamification strategies to make exercise accessible and engaging to users who may be more familiar with mobile gaming than they are with the bench press.

As well as personal training, the app provides instructional videos detailing each of the exercises used in its program.

During the summer of 2012, I created a series of interactive JavaScript games for the Through My Window project, a STEM educational site aimed at middle school girls.

The games included a several number-guessing games which showed the pros and cons of different algorithms, while inviting players to come up with—and try out—algorithms of their own.

The series also included a re-programmable Twenty Questions game, which allowed students to teach the computer about any objects or questions they wished.

Wizard School Dropout was an art and philosophy blog which ran for about a year. It used the WordPress platform and a striking custom theme to put the type front and center.

Posts on Wizard School Dropout used embedded jQuery widgets to create an interactive, non-linear reading experience, revealing text and graphics as the user progressed through the post.

The final result was a highly responsive storytelling platform, with several posts taking on a sort of “choose-your-own adventure” reading style.