Kaiyou Idols (from the Japanese word for “Ocean”) is a cosplay group based in Massachusetts. They perform as characters from the Love Live franchise, and wanted a site that would let them show off their costumes and dance moves, while helping them engage with their audience and the larger Love Live community.

The site was built in WordPress over about five weeks. The largest challenges came from the nature of the Love Live franchise itself, which follows two different fictional Idol groups (a type of Japanese performing arts troupe) in their quest to save their high school from being shut down.

My clients cosplay both groups, with each performer playing a different character in Muse (spelled “μ’s”) and their sister group Aqours (pronounced “aqua.”) They wanted the site to reflect the dual nature of their cosplay, changing its style and content depending on whether the viewer wanted to see them as Muse or Aqours.

To accomplish this, I built a switcher button into the site header, based on the similar button from the Love Live video game. There’s going to be a post explaining all about it up here in a little while.